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Computer Policy

Public Computers and Internet Use

  • Time limit on the library's computers is 1 hour per day, per person. Patron is requested to sign a log book with their name, town of residency, and time of day.
  • Library staff reserves the right to terminate any session due to inappropriate content.
  • Children (anyone under age 18) must have their parent/guardian's signature on the Children's Registration Form for Internet Access. The signed form is kept on file at the circulation desk for future reference.
  • Laptop Computers - Adult patrons can borrow a laptop computer within the library premises, provided he/she is a patron in good standing and presents a photo ID. The patron must sign an agreement form explaining the lending policies before borrowing.  Patrons who bring in their own computer, can ask for a WiFi password.  Sign-in is also required.
  • Printing costs: $.15 per black and white or text printout. Color images: $.50 per page.

Standards of Acceptable Behavior and Policies of the Library

Note: The following summarizes provisions of the Raritan Public Library Standards of Acceptable Behavior.  This summary is provided for your convenience; however, the full Standards document which includes borrowing privileges, loan periods, and overdue fines and fees, is found in the link below and applies to the use of the Library.


1. Leave any child under the age of 10 without adult supervison.  If a child is left unattended at Library closing time, the librarian will attempt to contact the parents.  If, after 15 minutes, the child has not been picked up, the Raritan Police may be called to assist.

2. Smoke, use of alcohol or any drug constituting a controlled dangerous substance on Library property or display behavior of being intoxicated in the Library.

3. Fail to wear proper attire, including shoes and shirts.  Patrons whose bodily hygiene is offensive as to constitute a nuisance or health threat to other patrons shall be requested to leave the Library.

4. Bring animals, insects or other living organisms into the Library, except service animals to assist patrons with disabilities.

5. Harass Library patrons or staff, verbally, physically or sexually.

6. Carry any instrument that could reasonably and commonly be classified as a weapon or a dangerous instrument, or could be reasonably used as means of aggression or defense against another, into or on the property of the Library, unless authorized by law to do so.  Any person authorized to carry a weapon must notify Library staff of that fact.

7. Engage in any behavior that presents an imminent danger to the life and/or safety of others, including intentional non-emergency activation of alarmed exits or fire alarms.

8. Misuse the restrooms.  No person shall use the restroom facilities other than for ordinary and usual use.  Bathing and laundering clothes are specifically not permitted.


Video Policy

  • Must be 18 years of age to check out DVDs from adult collection.
  • Children can borrow DVDs from our juvenile collection.
  • Limit of 3 DVDs per family.
  • Loan Period - 7 Days.
  • Fines - $.50 per day per video (after 7 day rental period).
  • Renewals - May be renewed only once.
  • All overdue materials must be returned before any videos can be checked out.
  • Must present library card when checking out or a proper form of ID such as drivers license.


  • ILL (Inter-Library loan): ILL books and audiobooks can be borrowed for 3 weeks. Renewals are not guaranteed and only made by special request. ILL requests are subject to the availability from other libraries.
  • Renewals - can be done in person, by phone (phone messages do not apply), or online for all materials.  Renewals cannot be made on materials that are on hold for other patrons. Only one renewal per item applies.
  • Holds - can be placed on books, audiobooks, CDs, DVDs and magazines for 3 days. Holds can be done by phone, in person, or online. On the 4th day, the held material will go back into circulation if it has not been picked up.
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